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Chen Davidovich, PhD

Professor, Monash University

Group Leader, EMBL Australia

Sylvia and Charles Viertel Senior Medical Research Fellow

Office phone: (+61) 03-99055702


500 Terry Francois Street 

San Francisco, CA 94158

Tel: 123-456-7890

Vita Levina, PhD

Research Assistant

Office Phone: (+61) 03-99029503

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Sarena Flanigan

Lab Manager & Research Assistant

Samuel Agius

PhD Student

022_Melanie Murray_20180301.jpg

Melanie Murray

PhD Student


Jen Ng

Honours Student


Marion Boudes, PhD

Research Fellow


Evan Healy, PhD

Postdoc, NHMRC EL1 Investigator


Zhihao Lai

PhD Student

Tash headshot.jpg

Natasha (Tash) Johns

Research Assistant


Yoona Kim, PhD


This spot can be yours!


Past Postdocs

  • Qi Zhang, PhD (next position: Lab Head [principal investigator] and an EMBL-Australia Group Leader at the SAiGENCI, The University of South Australia, Adelaide, Australia).

  • Michael Uckelmann, PhD (next position: Platform Scientist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute [NKI], Amsterdam, The Netherlands).

Past PhD students

  • Brady Owen, PhD (next position: Research Scientist @ Systematic Medicine, Melbourne, Australia).

  • Emma Gail, PhD (next position: Genomics Scientist and Software Developer @ Immunosis, Melbourne, Australia).

  • Nick McKenzie, PhD (next position: Postdoctoral Research Fellow @ Australian National University, Canberra, Australia).

Past Honours students 

  • Nicholas McKenzie (next position: PhD at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

  • Samuel Agius (next position: PhD at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia)

  • Dominique Livingstone (next position: Reserch Assistant in the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia)

  • Naomi Warren (next position: Reserch Assistant in the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne, Australia).

  • Sophie Nixon (next position: Doctor of Medicine studies at the University of Sydney)

Past Master students 

  • Minrui Li

Past Interns

  • Jack Bravo, PhD (current position: a Principal Investigator at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria, Klosterneuburg, Austria)

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