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Phone: +61-3-99055702

Shipping Address:
Chen Davidovich 

Medicine store, Monash University, 
G55, Building 77,

23 Innovation Walk, 
Clayton, VIC, 3800, Australia.

Billing Address: 
Monash University 
Accounts Payable 
710 Blackburn Rd 
Clayton 3168


Chen Davidovich

Room 243 (office) / 253 (lab)

23 Innovation Walk, Building 77 (level 2)
Monash University, Clayton, VIC 3800, Australia


GPS coordinates:  -37.911782, 145.129603 (Building 77, entrance)


Building access and directions to Chen's office:
Building 77 is open during business hours and no magnetic card is needed to use the elevator. When stepping out of the elevator into the second floor, turn left and then the next door on your right-hand side will be to our office space area. If the door to the office space area is lock and there is nobody there to open it, then call Chen (55702) from the grey phone adjacent to the door. Otherwise, walk into the office area and proceed to its far-end, where office 243 will be on your left.

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